Office Sweater Wax Melts 2.5oz

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Scent: A warm, herbal musky fragrance with a light musk base woven with notes of muget, sandalwood, creamy vanilla and patchouli, with top notes of mandarin and lime to create a sophisticated blend.

Wax: All natural soy wax produced on American farms. Non-toxic, burns clean and lasts longer than paraffin wax candles.

Packaging: Environmentally friendly clamshell packaging made from recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable. No bleach, no dyes and no glue. Labeled with eco-friendly labels and tied with 100% natural hemp twine. It is plant derived, biodegradable, compostable, and made from a sustainably grown and renewable resource.

Melts: Each pack comes with four wax melt cubes. Use one to two melts at a time (depending on the size of the wax melter and room) to scent your space without an open flame! Melts can be reused until the fragrance is gone.